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Audience Building: Find Your Ideal Customer Who Loves to Buy from You

Don't just build an audience. Build an audience of BUYERS who can't wait to buy your products over and over again. This class teaches you how.

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Fundamentals Every Online Entrepreneur Needs

This flagship course at EKitHub University contains the fundamentals EVERY online business owners needs. Most people usually only look at their target market or ideal customer at a very surface level. They start building a following and hope for the best.

This free class will keep you from wasting time and ensure that you do things right from the start...or fix any errors you may have already made.

Creating products and services that buyers flock to is much easier than you might think, if you take the time to determine who your ideal customers are, what they want and need then you are that much closer to growing your business into something amazing.

In this class we discuss what an ideal customer is, how to know who your ideal customers are, how to find them, and how to create a unique selling proposition to get them buying like crazy.

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  • What is an Ideal Customer
  • How to Define Your Ideal Customer
  • How to Find Your Ideal Customer
  • Ideal Price Points
  • What is a Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
  • How to Create Your USP to Attract Your Ideal Customer
  • BONUS LESSON: Creating a Customized Business Planner to Stay on Track

As you can see, we'll have you building your laser targetedĀ  audience in no time.

And don't worry...if have any questions or need help implementing what you learn, we're always available to help in the Q&A Brainstorming Community. It's included for free with your EKitHub University Membership.

Discover Your Ideal Customer

Simple Brainstorming and Research Strategies identify your ideal customers.

Attract Your Ideal CustomerĀ 

Find out how to attract paying customers by standing apart from the crowd.

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