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How to Build a Buying Audience

Not all audiences are created equal. The key to a highly successful online business is to understand the type of customer who will buy from you over and over again. That way, you can create content that they'll love and product offers they can't resist. This class will teach you how to identify the right audience to build your business.

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Create a High Value Free Offer

Even in a social media world, the most important marketing asset for your online business is a mailing list.Ā  It's a direct and commercial way of staying in touch your audience to update them about your products. This class teaches you to create a high-value offer that attracts your ideal customer and has them ready to buy your products.

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Earn More with Marketing Funnels

Most people think they need MORE sales to grow their business, but what if you could do simple things to make MORE for each sale you do make...and deliver much more awesome to your customers in the process? This class helps you create a new mindset and build a funnel that serves you and your customers better.

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