Funnel Skills: Make More Money Per Sale without Needing More Traffic

Most people think they need MORE sales to grow their business, but what if you could do simple things to make MORE for each sale you do make...and deliver much more awesome to your customers in the process?

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Struggling to Get More Traffic? It's Not a Problem When You Know These Secrets...All Included In This Comprehensive Free Training


Every business needs traffic. This is TRUE...

But as you know, it's not always easy to build that traffic. In an world where algorithms are gatekeeping views and seem to reward those who are already popular.

In fact, it's downright FRUSTRATING sometimes. Every online creator feels this. We're sure you do too.

That's why it's critical to ensure the traffic you do get is much more VALUABLE. And the great news is, making your traffic more valuable is far easier than scrambling to get your share of more traffic.

In fact, if you embrace focusing on the value of your traffic, you can dramatically change the profitability of your business.

This totally free class is based on our proven method, perfected over the past couple decades, of increasing our visitor value to our business and, AT THE SAME TIME, creating more value for our customers.

It's a win-win for you AND your customers and we'd like to show you how to do this in this in-depth self-study training.

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  • Change your mindset from focus on volume to value...and understanding the MOST important metric you should pay attention to in your business.
  • Understanding product funnels and how to profitably implement them into your business, no matter what you sell.
  • How to leverage product bundles to boost your profits and create more customer satisfaction.
  • A closer look at all the elements that can be included in a funnel including upsells, downsells, bump offers, cross-sells, bundles and more. Not sure what these mean? We'll explain everything.
  • How to incorporate high-ticket offers that boost your bottom line into your funnel, even if you normally sell low cost products like ebooks, printables and inexpensive courses.
  • Building buzz to get your audience motivated and excited to reach their goals...which in turn helps achieve your goal of increased revenue.

This is an in-depth look with practical exercises to put things into's training that we should be charging for, but we are looking to empower creative entrepreneurs to cut through the online noise and build remarkable businesses for themselves.

The free class covers a lot, but  don't worry...if have any questions or need help implementing what you learn, we're always available to help in the Q&A Brainstorming Community. It's included for free with your EKitHub University Membership.

Change Your Mindset to Deliver More Value

Stop scrambling for traffic and do more with the traffic you have. Simple shifts in how you approach your prospects and customers can dramatically boost your business profits.

This course dives right into the mindset shifts you need to make it happen.

Create Product Funnels to Boost Your Earnings Per Sale

Selling singular low-cost items means you need a huge amount of traffic volume to earn a good living. Incorporating simple funnel strategies allows earn more, while deliver more value to your customers.

We teach you all the elements of a funnel and how they can work for you.

Go Beyond Selling Products... Build a Long-Lasting Business

Selling digital products can certainly be extremely profitable, but most people do not build a long-lasting asset from their product creation.

This course will help you build a true business that sustains you while you focus on spreading your message and diving into your creative work.

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